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We all know that oil sucks, and everybody knows that the wind blows. Show us what "Wind Blows" means to you and you can win 10 large!

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Where can I get an official entry form?
Entry forms can be filled out and submitted online at
Do I need permission to use copyrighted music or other material in my video?
YES, you need to have legal permission to use any copyrighted material (musical, cinematic or literary) in your video.  Some folks may feel that the "Fair Use" parts of Copyright law cover their work.  That is a personal decision that is made by each artist.  Invoke Media and Western Wind Energy assume that each entry has proper permission.   If you do not have permission to use copyrighted music or other material your entry cannot be accepted. We've also made a standard actor release form available for your convenience here:
When is the deadline?
After the 50th entrant is entered the voting period will continue for 60 days.
How long should I make my video?
The maximum length we will accept is 1 minute but we expect most to run about 30 seconds.
What limitations are placed on content? What is considered too "graphic"?
The film must be free of profanity, nudity, or graphic violence. For example: Obscene material is not protected and is not acceptable. Note: We are using the legal concept of obscenity in this example. In general the submissions we expect to receive are not very sexually "graphic" or violently "graphic."
How many entries will you receive? How many entries will be put on the contest website?
Of course, it is impossible for us to know how many entries we will receive during the course of the contest.  It is safe to say that we expect more than 50.
How are the entries judged?
The entries will be judged by "people's choice" voting via the website. If you want to win you need to spread the word to all your friends so they can vote for your video. The voting system is secure and all steps have been taken to prevent cheating.
Can I submit my work on CD?
No. Entrants should upload their video using the upload form on the website. It should be in QuickTime format and not larger than 6MB. Files larger than 8 megabytes will not be accepted. Also provide a thumbnail image of your video in jpg format. Thumbnails are automatically resized to 320px x 240px.
What are the prizes?
The winning video will receive $10,000.