The Wind Blows contest is over and the $10,000 prize has been awarded to Depictions of Energy! Congratulations to the Depictions team.

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We all know that oil sucks, and everybody knows that the wind blows basketball predictions. These entrants have shown us what "Wind Blows" means to them for a change at a cold, hard $10,000. Which is your favourite?


Wind Blows for Depictions of Energy


The Wind Blows contest is over and the winner has been announced: Depictions of Energy came out in the top spot and scored $10,000 for Team Depictions. The video steadily occupied one of the top spots in the contest but in the last weekend before the contest end they skyrocketed to first place to take the championship.

Second-place video Wind Blows an Emo Kid held the top spot for a long time but was defeated by a slim margin of votes in the final hours of the contest.

Congratulations to Depictions of Energy’s team, and be sure to check out our other awesome contests at Memelabs!

Voting Countdown Begins


It's official - we will be taking no more entries for the Wind Blows contest. The voting countdown has begun. Contestants, voters and wind energy enthusiasts have 60 days to get their votes in before the $10,000 prize is awarded to the video with the most votes.

The competition is pretty thick already, with our top video well over 1,000 votes, but 60 days is a long time to make a difference. Send your favourite videos to your family, your friends, your workmates, etoro app and get the word out. You can vote for more than one video - in fact you can vote for every video once - and so can everyone you contact nba predictions today.

If you missed the entry deadline for Wind Blows but you'd still like to make a video for a good cause, check out SPUD's Play Safe, Eat Organic contest. And, as always, keep an eye on Memelabs for future contests and updates.

Half-way Point Reached


We are officially past the 1/2 way mark for videos submitted and we are getting more and more each day. Some are hot and some are clearly not but all are worth checking out.

Don't forget that you can vote for multiple entrants so please check back often to see what's new and help out some of our more creative entries.

Also, as a note to the entrants, some of the contributors have been using YouTube, MySpace and other massively popular sites to promote their videos. Promotion is the name of the game and if you have profiles on these site then we recommend using them (and just about any other outlet) to raise awareness to the contest and all the videos there.

Rules Change


Due to the tremendous response from users we have decided to extend the contest. The countdown will begin once we've received 50 submissions. After that we will provide entrants a solid 60 days to spread the word and drum up votes.

Please remember: you can vote for any and all of the videos basketball predictions under over today.

Good luck to all entrants!

Voting Has Started!


We've posted the first batch of videos to the Wind Blows site, so get your vote on! Remember that we are still accepting submissions, so you still have a chance to get your video in - but get it in soon! Make sure to use the "tell a friend" feature if you love a video - more people means more votes means more competition.

"Admittedly Cheesy" Adrants Review


Daily ad industry newsletter and email blast, Adrants, covered Wind Blows this morning. Their review was surprisingly positive - and we're impressed, because they can be pretty scathing sometimes. We really can't complain -- they even filed us under good!

Behind-The-Scenes Shots of Video Production!


Here are some great behind-the-scenes shots taken during the production of our video. Got an idea for your own? Make it and send it to us for a chance to win $10,000.

Invoke Media Viral Video Shoot: Behind The Scenes Invoke Media Viral Video Shoot: Behind The Scenes Invoke Media Viral Video Shoot: Behind The Scenes Invoke Media Viral Video Shoot: Behind The Scenes Invoke Media Viral Video Shoot: Behind The Scenes Invoke Media Viral Video Shoot: Behind The Scenes Invoke Media Viral Video Shoot: Behind The Scenes Invoke Media Viral Video Shoot: Behind The Scenes

Western Wind Energy Launches Video Contest worth $10,000!


In an effort to raise awareness of both the company and the wind energy industry at large, Western Wind Energyis hosting a viral video contest. With a cash prize of $10,000 we are expecting some fantastic material for the global audience to vote on.

To get things going, we've produced our own video that we think you will enjoy. (Look to your left!) It's tongue-in-cheek but oh-so-true!

Check back regularly for updates on the videos we've received and don't forget to sign up to our newsletters for updates on the contest as well as news on Western Wind Energy.

The entry deadline is September 28th, 2006!

Good luck to all entrants etoro bitcoin!

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